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There are only two absolute contraindications for DENS usage - implanted heart pacemaker and individual intolerance of electric current. Other ones are relative and could be disregarded in case of therapist control. These contraindications are the following:
- Using the device over the direct projection of female breeding organs in case of pregnancy.
- Self using the device in case of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication
- Using the device in case of superficial cancer (cancer of the skin)
- Long time treatment over direct projection of calm kidneys and gall bladder if it is well known that there are stones persists
We provide 1 year warranty for all devices. If it brokes you need to contact to our distributor who was your supplier. So please save distributor's contact or see list of our distributors.
Your supplier obliged to accept your device and repair it or replace by new one. Please be patient as supplier needs some time to repair device. If you are away from supplier and you received device by mail it is possible also to send device directly to producer. Please ask address from your supplier.
DENAS (and its updated modifications DiaDENS) is a pocket size nerve regulator and stimulator. DENAS/DiaDENS is offspring of SCENAR device that was developed for use by Russian Space Cosmonauts. DENAS is universal healer for pain relief, restoration of functions, accelerating recovery and curing different diseases and conditions.
In order to become distributor, please register at as distributor (choose distributor group there), then go to distributor's area and fill out application from for new distributor. You can place your first order then. Wait email from with your unique distributor# within 1 week.
DENAS works interactively. At first it finds pathological spots (so called "asymmetries") and then treats them. These asymmetries are signs of difference that indicate nerve energy problems associated with injury, pathology and disease.
DENAS device requires special adapter to hook up additional electrodes (DENS Accessories - DENS-glasses, DENS-Applicator or acupuncture probe). You can order this adapter from any of our distributors. Note, new versions of DENAS - DiaDENS-T, DiaDENS-DT, DiaDENS-PCM, DiaDENS-PC do need need this adapter.

Register at our web site as distributor please (distributors group) and you'll be able to download our wholesale price list for distributors at distributor's area.

Yes, you can combine DENS therapy and any mainstream or alternative medicine methods of treatment. DENS method usually speed up recovery if you combine it with standard methods, for example taking medicines or surgery. DENS also reduces or eliminates side effects of medicines.
DENAS stands for a dual-range electric neuro adaptive stimulator:
  • Dual-range - the device operates in two modes: dosed (works on 10 Hz) and constant (works on 77 Hz)
  • Electric - the device generates electric impulses penetrating the skin within 1mm (informational influence only)
  • Neuro - the device affects the organism with neuro-like impulses - impulses similar to our nervous system
  • Adaptive Stimulator - the adaptogenic device produces a regulating effect, increases and stimulates the adaptive resources of the organism, actuates the mechanism of self-regulation - mobilizes the natural protection mechanisms
Use order form at distributor area web-page or email at (request there products and quantities you need). If you don't have access to this area, register as distributor at first.
We have 2 places of supplying products: 1st is our European branch office in Czech Republic, 2nd is our head office in Ekaterinburg-city, Russia. Our European branch office supplies only Euro versions of devices/products, Russian head office supplies only Russian versions of devices/products. Sometimes we have Euro versions in Russian warehouse so if you wish to place compound order Russian + Euro products please make request at or use "comments" field in order form (distributor area). The difference between Euro and Russian versions of products:
1. Euro versions are more expensive.
2. Euro versions have manual on 3 languages inside: English, German, Russian. Russian version has only Russian print out manual inside the kit. But we have all electronic versions of manuals in English so you can print it out or ask us to print it out before shipping device.  
3. Euro versions have CE mark on the corpus and box.
4. Some Euro versions have English words on the body (case), some have only international symbols.
5. Only one Euro device - Diadens-PCM has English words on LCD, all other Euro devices have international symbols on LCD.
As you can see above sometimes it is acceptable to order Russian versions even for English or any other foreign customers/distributors.

Below is comparison of DENAS device. The same thing with other devices except DiaDENS-PCM (Russian version has Russian words on LCD).

Yes, our devices are absolutely safe. The DENAS device speaks on Human Body's language, pruducing electric impulses, similar to the natural cells ones. The device shows the body location of problem and say how to solve it. It not energize, it just makes the problem obvious and human body start self healing process. You know, human body can't hurt itself.
As the device is moved over the surface of the skin a tingling sensation is felt. In cases of severe pain or acute conditions, the sensations may be stronger. Power level is then adjusted to suit the person’s sensitivity. Patients often report that they experience an almost immediate reduction in pain and often express that they feel “relieved, relaxed and energized” after a treatment session. Some symptoms may exacerbate (get worse or more painful) for a short period (24-48 hours).
Yes, of course, you can join - we are looking for good distributors within 1 country. Please register at our web site as distributor and read details at Distributor's area.
We provide dropship service. We can also accept money transactions directly from your customers. In this case we pay you fee (please download application for that, fill it out and send copy at Note, as products suppliers, we accept wire (bank) transfers only. PayPal accept some of our distributors only.
Very simple: place device on the skin, adjust power to suit (when you feel pleasant tingling sensation) and treat the painful points. Drag it on the skin to find sticky points (or other signs of asymmetry). They show you where problems are. In other cases, if you have few different locations of painful points or unclear complaints or complex problems, treat the general zones like the "three pathways" on the back.
We don't have affiliate program at this moment. We can only offer you drop shipment for this business.
Anywhere on the body: painful spots, projections of sored organs, obtained asymmetry points or specific areas that recommended for treatment your disease (see manuals for DENAS).
We do not send sample(s) for free. Official position of "DENAS MS" leadership is the following: we manufacture products, supply them, provide informational support for distributors/customers. We do not provide financial support for business of our distributors. 
Right, at "buy now" section you can see list of some distributors. We check this list and correct every month (1st day of each month). If distributor doesn't order anything during last 2 months we replace him from this list until he place next order. If you are new distributor we place you in this list when you'll receive first parcel with device(s) and learn basic of DENS therapy. 
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