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DENAS Theory

DENAS Theory

Working on the surface of the skin*, DENAS/DiaDENS finds and then treats pathological skin spots, concerned with disease. We call these skin areas "asymmetry" or "trigger points" or "deviation points" or "physical points requires treatment". 

* The skin is one of the main informational organs of the body. The skin develops together with the nervous system from the same leaf of the fetus during the very first period of fetal life. Some Russian scientists call skin "peripheral brain".

The DENAS device speaks on Human Body's language, producing electric impulses, similar to the natural cells ones. That's why it can restore affected signals between regulation center (brain) and internal organs of the human body. It is well known that affected signals conductivity is the main cause of the diseases. Then organism starts to cure itself, because it fully aware of disease location.

In general DENAS is an istrument which does not cure, it just lets the body to detect the problem and to see how to treat this problem. That's why DENAS is absolutely safe* device, becase human body can't hurt itself. 

*The other reason of device safity is its very superficial penetration of impulses (skin penetration is not more than 1 millimeter - it is just informational penetration). So it even can't energize any tumor and it is absolutely safe for oncological patients.