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DENS applicator (DENS Belt)

DENS Applicator (DENS Belt). New version 2011

"DENS Applicator" is special additional belt electrodes for DENAS/DiaDENS devices.

Consists of three electrodes and 3 cuffs one wide and two narrow which can be adjusted with Velcro fasteners. Probe is designed to treat inaccessible zones of back, hip, neck and shoulders. It is also useful for treating larger segments of the body simultaneously.

Reliable electrodes fixation on the body provides comfort during the therapy session: the patient can seat in comfortable position and apply DENS independently.


Versions available:
1. Euro version
(English + German
manual included)
2. Russian version (Russian manual
included + electronic versions English and German manuals available on demand)

DENS-Applicator new version 2011 compatible with the following devices:
1. DENAS New
2. DiaDENS-T-2011 and previous versions
3. DiaDENS-PCM-2011 and previous version

Downloads available:
1. DENS-Applicator-2011 Operation Manual (En)
2. DENS-Applicator-2011 Operation Manual (German)
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