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Carlsbad Mineral Salt (Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary)

Carlsbad Mineral Salt -Mineral Salt from Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary.

Health Effects of the Springs

The springs of Karlovy Vary contain over 50 elements essential for the human organism. Hundreds of expert publications describe the beneficial effect of the local springs on the entire digestive system, metabolism, periodontal diseases, overall improvement of the health condition and improvement of the immunity against genetic and  civilization strains.

The chemical composition of the local mineral springs predetermines them for use especially by those people who suffer from any of the following ailments: disorders of the digestive system function, periodontal diseases and problems of stomach, liver, gall bladder and bile ducts, pancreas, those suffering from metabolic disorders, such as diabetes, high cholesterol levels, uricacidemia, chronic problems of the spine and the joints, those with health condition weakened by stress or oncologic treatment by operation, radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Health Effects of the Minerals Salts from the Springs

The salts have effects on the mobility, secretolytic and hormonal activity of the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. It is used as a digestive, choleretic, hepatoprotective, pancreas stimulating, diuretic and anti-diabetic substance.

Indications: Function disorders of the stomach and the upper parts of the small intestine, support treatment of the chronic relapses of stomach and duodenum ulcers, bowel mobility disorders without organic cause – constipation, irritable colon etc., bile duct diskinesis including the post-cholecystectomy syndrome, chronic disorders of the pancreas, chronic and sub-active liver disorders, diabetes mellitus, obesity and fat-metabolism disorders, prevention and metaphylaxis of the oxalate urinary calculi and gout.

Contraindications and Side Effects: The home-treatment drinking cure using the solution of Carlsbad mineral salts is recommended to individuals with good cardiovascular system function and sufficient function of the kidneys. It is contraindicated to patients who experience swellings as a reaction to kitchen salt. No laxative drugs may be used parallel to the drinking cure.

Interactions: Suppression of the osmotic resorption can result in slower absorption of other medicines used.