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ZooDENS device for animals treatment


ZooDENS - is a veterinary device specifically developed for animal treatment.

It can be used for curing big variety of animal illnesses. Specially designed course of treatment based on two frequencies - 77 Hz and 10 Hz - helps to provide the maximum comfortable therapy and allows animals to avoid unpleasant emotional states.

Proven technology providing a wide variety of applications for animal treatment. Highly developed methodologies that provide specific and efficient methods of treatment.

Because animals are sometimes irritated by noise, we made this unit totally noiseless.

Very affordable price compared with other veterinary devices.

Simplicity in handling.

ZooDENS can be used by pet lovers at home, in the barn, in the field, in the forest, anywhere!

This unit has ten power levels that are safe and comfortable for your pets.

Powered by AAA battery.


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Versions available:
1. English version
2. German version
3. Russian version
4. Czech version
Accessories available for ZooDENS
1. Point Probe
2. DENS-applicator
Downloads available:
1. Zoodens Operating Manual. Part 1. Technical Passport
2. Zoodens Operating Manual. Part 2. Instructional Manual
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