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Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

"DENAS MS" Corporation, the producer of DENAS and DiaDENS devices for health, offers you to join  our business - to become our distributor.

Why this distributorship can be  lucrative for you?

1. We provide good wholesale prices and additional discounts. Please contact us to get details or fill out this application for distributorship right now.

2. We provide full informational support for distributors - free trainings, free advertisement files (with your personal contacts), free "sales page" for distributors (see examples here)

3. There are many potential buyers of our devices in your country and all over the world because of:

- Mainstream medicine can't provide effective treatment and treatment without side effects in some cases. People find alternative and discover SCENAR Technology (DENAS and DiaDENS devices) as one of the most effective methods.
- People always finding universal remedy for any disease. Our device is a little personal Doctor that helpful for most of the cases (chronic or acute pain, injury, bleeding, asthma, allergy etc)
- There are a lots of people who suffer from "incurable problems" (chronic pain syndromes, some neurological diseases etc). They can treat their problems with DENAS machines.
- Our device is a very power tool for SPORT industry (natural legal dope, pain relief system, restore functions fast).