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Purchase DENAS, DiaDENS (affordable SCENAR) in New York, USA

Purchase DENAS, DiaDENS in New York, USA from our distributor Vlad Ostro. Phone: 718-605-8162. Email:

Our products are conveniently located in our warehouse in New York. They are shipped worldwide. Regular price of shipments inside US is $14.00. If you have any questions about shipment to your place please contact us.



DENAS Device. English Version. Price $338


DiaDENS-PCM Device. English Version. Price $850


DiaDENS-T Device. English Version. Price $460



DiaDENS-DT Device. English Version. Price $655


DiaDENS-PC - Diagnostic and therapeutic complex. English Version. Price $2521

ViDENS (DENAS+ and DENS-glasses). Russian Version. Price  $398

"DENAS+" Device. Russian Version. Price  $350

DiaDENS Cardio.  Russian Version. Price $250


ZooDENS device for animals. English Version.  Price $288


DENS-glasses. English version. Price $152

DENS Applicator (DENS Belt). English version. Price $129


Adapter for DENAS device. Price $14


Point probe. Price $14

Books for DENS devices

DENS Therapy Manual for DENAS. English version. Price $17

DENS Therapy Manual for DiaDENS. English version. Price $19

Food Supplements

Carlsbad mineral Salt


Minaral Salt from Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. Price $50