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Researches from Medical Doctors

Application of dens therapy in patients with acute trauma
Application of dens therapy in sportsmen undergoing training with great physical exertions
Application of dens in complex treating of patients with old complicated vertebral column injuries
Dens application in complex treatment of burns
Complex assessment of efficiency of dynamic electroneurostimulation under vertebrogenous cervical and lumbar radiculopathies
Experiment of using denas apparatuses in complex treatment of osteoarthrosis deformans
Dens therapy with complex treatment of diseases and traumatic injuries of musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system
Application of dynamic electroneurostimulation (dens) in complex conservative treatment of patients with osteoporosis
Dynamic electroneurostimulation after excimer-laser surgeries in compliance with lasek technology
Dens-therapy in complex treatment of myopia of children and teenagers
Assessment of clinical efficiency of dynamic electroneurostimulation in patients with essential hypertension of 2-3 stage
Application of dynamic electroneurostimulation for treating children's psoriasis
Efficiency of dens therapy for treating lesions of the optic nerve
The auricular dens-puncture physiological effects study
Dens-therapy in a process of psychoemotional state correction in women with the clinical picture of spontaneous termination of pregnancy
Dynamic electroneurostimulation application for surgical and coloproctologic patients during the postoperative period
Dens-therapy application in treatment of patients with chronic perceptive deafness
Efficiency of electro stimulation by diadens-t device in the patients with retinal diseases
Role of electroneurostimulation in preventive therapy of patients of school age with risk of myopia development and progressing
Neurophysiological research results under dynamic electroneurostimulation for children with infantile cerebral paralysis
Dynamic electroneurostimulation in the system of orthopedic-surgical treatment of children with cerebral palsy
Evaluation of dens therapy (denas OR dIAdens DEVICES) efficiency in patients with spine fractures in the presence of osteoporosis

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