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Testimonials about DENAS/DiaDENS (2)

Testimonials. Success stories from DENAS/DiaDENS owners

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21. "I’m a general practitioner and recently I’ve purchased a DiaDENS-PC, diagnostics and therapy medical device. It is using a power of computer software to diagnose a problem and then it uses it’s unique electro stimulation technology to treat it. It works very fast and the results are amazing. I especially love it when we have kids as patients. They are not afraid of it and respond very well to the treatment. In my opinion DiaDENS-PC is a must have medical device for every doctor out there."

John Surrey, New York, NY, USA

22. "I run a small medical office. We help people recover from vehicle accident related traumas. We’ve got massage, chiropractor, and couple of big cool devices like a massage bed with thermal treatment. But our most important device is DiaDENS-PC! It is a very powerful diagnostics and therapy tool that allows me to pinpoint the problem and take care of it in a very short period of time! All my patients are extremely happy with the results and if you ask me, this device is the best thing I’ve ever bought in my life."

Burt Smith M.D., San Diego, CA, USA

23. "I bought DiaDens-Cardio for my mother. She is 90 years old and during hot summer days she ends up feeling not too good with her blood pressure going up. So I bought her this device and she quickly figured out how to use it. After all, it does everything by itself, just turn it on. My mom couldn’t be happier. She wears it like a watch and she tries to get out of the house and walk in our local park as much as possible. She is not afraid any more!"

Gill Urenbaum, Sugar Land, TX, USA

24. "DiaDENS-Cardio has been a real good helper with my hypertension syndrome. I significantly reduced the amount of drugs I’m taking. To tell you the truth, I only take pills if I forget my DiaDens-Cardio at home. In every other case it work wonders stabilizing my blood pressure almost instantly. I highly recommend this product to any person with a high blood pressure problem."

Max Wilson, Englewood, CO, USA

25. "I’m suffering from high blood pressure condition, sometimes it can very frustrating. Pills are my best friends. Actually they were my best friends, until I bought a DiaDENS-Cardio. This little device changed my life. Now I can go anywhere, do what I want and not be afraid. It is very easy to use and it’s small size provides it with high mobility. It looks sort of like a watch. Put it on, turn it on and there you go. You don’t have to do anything; it has a preset program that applies the perfect amount of stimulation each time. 5-7 minutes and you are all better. In fact I’ve been using DiaDens-Cardio for about 2 months now exclusively, I haven’t spent a dime on pills, it’s saving my life and saving my money! I call it a win-win situation."

Ted Boroughs, Tucson, AZ, USA

26. "Several months ago our horse somehow managed to break her leg. Vet told us that we better put her down and end her suffering. Hell no, I said. Asked the doctor to put a cast on it, borrowed ZOODENS from a friend of mine and went to work with it. Within a month my horse’s leg was as good as new. We took it slowly but she recovered completely and without any complications. Of course it was a pretty tough job taking care of her but ZOODENS helped big time. Now my horse is healthy and I love riding her! I’m so thankful to the people behind ZOODENS."

Jamie Colton, Detroit, MI, USA

27. "We have a dog, a beautiful English bulldog and one day he appeared to be sick - refused to eat and go out for a walk. Immediately I knew something was wrong. I took him to the vet but they could not find anything wrong. In a couple of days a tumor started growing on his back. Vet clinic gave me an outrageously expensive estimate; I didn’t know what to do. I saw ZOODENS ad online and decided to check it out. Bought it and had it shipped to me overnight, for the next 5 days I was treating that tumor with ZOODENS and it began to dissolve. My dog was feeling a lot better and in about a week the tumor was gone, my dog was happy and energetic. Since then I’ve been using ZOODENS on him and my cat to treat all the minor stuff pets tend to get and it worked wonders. I couldn’t be happier!"

Mary Wilkinson, Buffalo, NY, USA

28. "We have several animals in our household. They are getting sick from time to time so I bought the ZOODENS device to treat my loved ones. It’s been working great on little stuff and about a month ago we had a chance to see it real action. We had our cat fixed, so she wouldn’t have kittens anymore and her incision wasn’t doing all that well. Doctors removed stitches but the incision began to swell up and our cat was hurting a lot. Yellow stinky pus was coming out. I took my ZOODENS and worked it on my cat. It seemed like pain went away immediately and the cat fell asleep. Next day the pus was gone and swelling was dramatically reduced. The incision healed well and we haven’t had any problems since."

Rebecca Redford, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

29. "I have friends who have a 12 years old daughter. She’s been having speech problems since she was a little kid and no one was able to do a thing! They’ve been taking her to see various top doctors, but something was wrong with her tongue, it was very tense and rolled like a sushi roll. They were visiting me one evening and I decided to help them and offered to treat Stacy with DiaDENS-PCM. It took us about 3 sessions to make her tongue relax. She was able to pronounce all the sounds and words correctly! Problem hasn’t been back since and we all are very happy!"

Kimberly Colton, Helena, MT

30. "I’m a truck driver and I face a lot of stress everyday. I had some serious back problems in previous months. It was hurting like crazy. Sometimes I even cried because of all the pain! I can’t afford a doctor and couple of visits to acupuncture offices and various rehab places were useless. My friend offered to help me, he has a wonderful medical device they call DENS-Applicator and it worked miracles on my back! It’s not hurting any more. I feel great, I’m full of energy and feel like I can drive across country and not blink once! DENS-Applicator is a lifesaver, I bought me my own and been using it since with great results."

Dick Garrison, Denver, CO, USA

31. "My old lady neighbor is a good friend of mine. I love visiting her every other day and have a chat and cup of tea. She is 68 and in pretty good health. But just recently she got arthritis and it was killing her slowly. She was in terrible pain, it even was painful to think, let alone move. I came over and brought my DENAS with me. Pain went away the same day! Her hands were hurting a little, but not nearly as much. After two weeks of treatment with DENAS she was able to drive herself to the doctor for a physical. He couldn’t find anything wrong with her! My neighbor is going to be 69 soon so I bought her a DENAS as a birthday gift. Hole it’ll keep her alive for decades to come!"

Martha Patrick, Washington D.C., USA

32. "I have no health insurance, I’m a single mom and I have to work a lot to keep my kids from starving and put them through the school. I had a real problem with my knee recently. It was hurting a lot. Pain was so unbearable that I even thought about quitting my job, even though it’s a suicide. I did a research online and of the best options was this medicinal device DiaDENS-T that I bought. It came in quickly and I started the treatment immediately. My pain was gone in couple of days and I could get back to work. After about a month my knee was completely fine, swelling as well as pain were gone and my overall condition significantly improved! I’m so glad I bought DiaDENS-T!"

Maria Webb, Dayton, OH, USA

33. "Not long ago I had a heart attack. It hurt like hell and I was all shaking, almost fainted in my husband’s arms. But a lady across the hall had helped me. She brought her DENAS and by the time an Emergency crew have arrived I was ok! Little shaken up and out of breath, but I was just fine. I went to a doctor next day and he couldn’t find a damn thing wrong with me. DENAS had really helped me that day, probably saved my life. I bought my own a while back and it’s been great little tool for treating everything from minor illnesses to some serious stuff. It’s a powerful pain reliever as well".

Janette Jordan, Reno, NV, USA

34. "I gave DENAS to my mother as a birthday gift and she was using it to treat all kinds of minor stuff and it worked great. But recently we had a real scare. She had a lump behind her ear, which grew in size and looked like pigeon egg. She was afraid going to the doctor’s office and I couldn’t persuade her too. She read the manual to her DENAS and found a similar case and some instructions on how to treat this kind of thing. She worked on it for a week and the lump have completely disappeared. We don’t even want to think about it anymore, we just happy that it’s gone!"

Sheryl Linch, Buffalo, NY, USA

35. "Our son had a car accident which resulted in broken leg and broken jaw. He was a real mess. He suffered from pain and wasn’t even able to eat on his own, we had to feed hum through the tube. His leg wasn’t healing up as doctors hoped it would. My good friend suggested I buy a DENAS (brand-new SCENAR technology) and try to work on my son. I did just that and after about 4 days of treatment his leg got a lot better, the pain stopped and he did not need any painkillers at all. His bones grew back together quite quickly. We also were able to help his jaw heal faster and now he is a happy young man again!"

Jack Limerick, Cheyenne, WY, USA

36. "Due to a work related stress I started having sleep problems, which soon grew to insomnia. It was terrible. I’ve never felt worse in my life. A friend of mine told me that she can help and she came over with her DENAS-Plus device. She worked it on me for about 3-4 minutes and I fell asleep! My family members were amazed! I bought myself a DiaDENS-T and I don’t have any sleep problems now, in fact I don’t have any health problems whatsoever! It’s been great!"

Stacy Wilkinson, Chicago, IL, USA

37. "I want to tell you all about my mother and how DENAS helped her. She was always a very healthy person, working hard all her life. But time is cruel to everyone and when she got to her big 70, her health declined. She had heart trouble and arthritis, which was accompanied by terrible pain. Sometime it was so bad, only thing she could do is to sit there and cry. Nothing was helping her much until I bought DENAS and started treating her. It happened to be a powerful pain reliever! She sprang back to life! After about 3 months her arthritis was gone and her heart trouble was no longer an issue! I gave her my DENAS and bought myself another one. She is now a happy old lady, driving her Cadillac all over the country. She and my dad love to drive all the way to Oregon from their home in California to visit their grandkids. You should see them move around like they are 30 years younger. Thank you DENS team for saving my parents!"

LeAnn Neal, Salem, OR, USA

38. "For a long time I had a spinal hernia. I don’t have any medical insurance and I couldn’t get any good medical help to fix it. Several years I suffered from terrible pain and limited mobility. I was desperate; I thought I would die like that. I was researching some alternative options on the internet when I found DENS-Applicator. It took me less than a month to get rid of my crotches. It has been great relieving my pain almost immediately. I was able to clear up my hernia within two months and I feel great. I’ve recovered completely and now I enjoy long walks on our great hiking trails in Rocky Mountains. This is a miracle tool!"

Jeff Gordon, Grand Lake, CO, USA

39. "I had a terrible car accident in which I broke both my legs. I was a cripple, suffering from horrible pain. I had trouble healing, one of my legs just wouldn’t heal up. I couldn’t move at all. My son came to visit me and brought that DENAS with him. He worked that magic tool on my legs and things quickly took a positive turn. Within a couple of days the pain was gone and swelling was reduced. He had to fly back home, but he left me his DENAS and I kept treating my leg. After a month, I was able to use my leg and go into rehab. I ordered my DENAS and kept using it. After a year, I’m jogging again, I don’t have any pain and even my high blood pressure problem has been fixed! I feel like a 20 year old boy again!"

Kirk Douglas, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

40. "I have had asthma for more than 10 years now and I can’t live without my medication. I used my inhaler about 4 times a day and it was putting me under extreme financial stress. They are 110$ a pop and doesn’t last long. With kids to raise and bills to pay it was just too much. I’ve seen the DENAS ads online and I decided to check it out. After reading couple of stories from people who treated their asthma, I bought my own DiaDENS-DT. After ten days of treatment I only had to use my inhaler once a day. After a month I almost got rid of asthma, there are still times when it is difficult for me to breathe, but only under extreme circumstances. I’m continuing treatment and I hope that I will be able to beat my asthma completely!"

Joan Wilder, Indianapolis, IN, USA


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