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Massage Electrodes

Therapeutic external massage electrodes: Hair Comb and Facial ProbeMassage Electrodes

Therapeutic external massage electrodes (hereinafter – massage electrodes, electrodes or the device) are intended for treatment of pain and injury areas, reflexogenic zones of the body. Massage electrodes are intended for multiple applications, for individual treatment in patients care institutions and in life conditions in compliance with the recommendations of the attending doctor. Massage electrodes allow treatment of reflexogenic zones using two treatment factors – dynamic electroneurostimulation (DENS) and mechanotherapy (massage). Massage electrodes are applied only together with the electrostimulators of DENAS and DiaDENS series.

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1. English version
2. German version
3. Russian version
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these massage electrodes can hook up to any DENS devices (except Lados and Osteo DENS)

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1. Operations Manual for Massage Electrodes
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