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ViDENS for treatment problems with eyes

ViDENSDENAS Plus device

ViDENS is a special version of DENAS+ device that include DENS Goggles in complete set. It was specially completed for treatment eyes diseases.

Please read more about DENAS+ and DENS Goggles at special pages for them:
1. Description for DENAS+ is here
2. Description for DENS Goggles is here






Additional photos:

DENAS+ device in hand

DENS Goggles

Versions available:
1. English version
2. German version
3. Russian version
Accesories available:
1. Therapeutic Point Probe
2. DENS Applicator
3. DENS Goggles (it is already in the complete set)
Massage Electrodes
Downloads available:
1. Operations Manual for DENAS+. Part 1 - Technical passport
2. Operations Manual for DENAS+. Part 2
3. Operations Manual for DENS Goggles
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