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DENAS Vertebra

DENAS Vertebra.

Device for electrostimulation in the back area.

The device consists of the control unit (the device) and external electrodes. There are several versions of the device with various types of power sources.

Several treatment programs are provided:

- Treating all zones of the spinal cord to achieve general regulatory effects (e.g. anti-stress or adaptation effect);
- Local treatment of the selected zone to relieve and treat the pain syndrome;
- Local treatment of the respective segmental zone aimed at correction of functional disorders in case of internal organs diseases;
- Local treatment to render maximally fast anesthetic effect during rehabilitation after spinal traumas and fractures.


- Power source: 9B6F22 (2 Nos.)  - there is also a design with line power and a combined
version (power line and accumulators)
- The device provides an opportunity to select and set four
modes of electroneurostimulation
- Weight of main parts of the electroneurostimulator: control unit - max 100 g, external electrodes - max 1000 g.
- Dimensions of the main parts of the electroneu-rostimulator:
control unit - 130х50х22 mm, external electrodes - 900х365х70 mm


- Vertebragenous pain syndrome
- Early and deferred rehabilitation after acute diseases, surgeries and traumas of various localization
- Increasing adaptation capabilities of the body under exposure to unfavorable pathogen factors: stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders, psycho-emotional instability, sexual dysfunctions.
- Functional disorders and muscle pains related to increased physical exercises

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Versions available:
1. Euro version
(English + German
instructions included) not available yet
2. Russian version is available with full English e-manuals.

Downloads available:
1. DENAS Vertebra. Operations manual
2. DENAS Vertebra booklet.
3. Application of the device DENAS-Vertebra under treatment of spinal diseases.
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