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DiaDENS-DT  is multifunctional device for therapists. The device has the same therapy frequencies and zonal diagnostic modes as DiaDENS-T has. But the main benefit of this device is availability of two biopoint diagnostic regimens. They called "Bioreper*" and "Dr. Voll Diagnostic**". Special diagnostic electrodes included to complete set.

DiaDENS-DT can diagnose so called meridians and biological points on the whole body, including auricles. It allows to find causal organs or tissues, or/and diagnose the disease  long before its clinical manifistation. And of course it cures acute and chronic conditions (including prophylaxis) as other devices do.

* "Bioreper"  regimen - new method of electropuncture auriculodiagnostics  (diagnostics relating to the auricle) to assess the functional state of  all internal organs and systems.

**  "Dr Voll Diagnostic" regimen - method of electropuncture assessment of the state of  energy meridians and internal organs and systems in the human body. Can  be used for TESTing and selection of homeopathic and allopathic  remedies and food supplements.

Besides great diagnostic tools, DiaDENS-DT has 3 modes for zonal diagnostic and treatment (the same as DiaDENS-T has). They are the following: Therapy, MED Mode (Advanced Dosed Mode of DENAS device), and Screening Mode. Therapy and Dosed mode can diagnose and treat, Screeneing mode can only diagnose.

Therapy mode, that works on differenet frequencies (10, 20, 60, 77, 140, 200 Hz), allows to find pathological points moving the device over the skin. When you pass DiaDENS-T over pathological points (keeping contact with the skin of course), you feel sticking, painfulness, or reveal changing of the skin color. That means you diagnosed deviation spots, therefore stay there for a few minutes to cure this pathological areas and you can get pain relief in 5-20 minutes.*

* For better treatment results we recommend to attend basic training for DENAS device users. You can also download some instructions for DENAS device.

MED mode, that works on 10 Hz, also helps to find pathological spots measuring time of reply. In this case we use first phase of MED program.We can aslo use both phases of MED program in order to do prophylaxis.

Screening Mode is pure diagnostic mode. It allows to find pathological points very qiuckly, getting digital indexes from the device.

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Versions available:
1. English version
2. German version
3. Russian version
4. Czech version
Accesories available for DiaDENS-T
1. DENS-glasses
2. DENS-applicator (Belt)
Downloads available:
1. DiaDENS-T and DT Operations Instruction
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