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New DENAS Cardio third generation

New DENAS Cardio third generation

We present new generation of Diadens-Cardio - DENAS-Cardio-3. New model received new name (DENAS-Cardio instead of DiaDENS-Cardio), design and new therapy regimen. There are two modes: basic mode, which was present in the previous model DiaDENS-Cardio-2, and a completely new.

DENAS-Cardio-3 has two automatic treatment programs - first program designed for treating acupuncture point on the forearm - so called Inner Pass point (other names PC6, Nei Guan), second program designed for treating acupuncture point on the tibia so called Three Yin Intersection (other names SP6, Sanyinjiao). Stimulating of Inner Pass point by low-level neuro-like impulses gives body calming and stress-reducing effect and as a result - blood pressure correction.

Dr Lindsay Chimileski (NaturalNews)Pericardium 6 or Inner Pass (PC6, Neiguan) is one of the most well-known, highly researched and often utilized Acupuncture points. It is indicated to calm the spirit and regulate the heart, making it useful for conditions like heart pain, palpitations, hypertension, insomnia, fear, mania, nausea and menstrual irregularities to name a few. How can one little point benefit so many vastly different conditions? Because it works to treat the underlying cause and common denominator of most illnesses: stress.
Recent studies are proving that PC6 stimulation has powerful effects in the body - acting to relieve stress, as well as to repair the damage stress has already caused. It is also a well-known acupressure point for nausea. This action has been utilized by the development of wristbands that stimulate the point to treat motion sickness.

Second program opens new opportunities for users with high blood pressure. The device wears on the inner side of the ankle and influence on the Three Yin Intersection (other names SP6, Sanyinjiao). It works as this acupuncture point normalizes renal bloodstream and water-salt metabolism.

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