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DENAS-Complex - new device for therapists

DENAS-Complex - new device for therapists

The gold standard of DENS. DENAS-Complex integrates all the achievements made by the medical center of DENAS MS Corporation during all the history of DENS therapy. There are all the modes that have ever been used in DENAS devices - all frequencies, including low frequencies (below 10 Hz) and modulated modes. For example DENAS-complex is equipped with familiar to experienced users "Tonification", "Relaxation", "Universal pain relief" and "Quick pain relief", "Myostimulation", "Rhinorrhea", "Allergy" and new, "Eyesight fatigue" and "Eyesight treatment." In order to start treatment session operator should use the menu and select the neccessary frequency or program in "Modes"section.

In addition, user can read on the screen brief description of the mode or frequency by just clicking on the button. This function will be very useful not only for beginners but also for experienced user.

New level of visual expression. DENAS-Complex is equipped with a large color LCD which displays current regimen and neccessary zone for treatment at the same time. "Symtoms and Diagnosis" module is very useful for beginners as operator can choose symtoms or diagnosis and the device will suggest regimen, zone, time of session (in according to patient's condition) and electrode for treatment. The device equipped with information about more than 50 differents DENS-techniques. So in most of the cases operator just makes few simple steps for launching DENAS-procedure: 1. Chooses diagnosis 2. Hooks up suitable electrode 3. Set up individual energy level for the patient.

The results from "SCREENING" mode are now memorize by the device. So the operator can choose one of the 6 variants of the procedure. In according to the results from SCREENING test operator can define most effective zones for treatment in the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and in the facial area. In addition, the menu allows you to take measurements in any area in according to the operator's choice.

User friendly. Despite the multi functionality DENAS-Complex has a simple interface and operation.

Autonomy. DENAS-complex work with small battaries and does not require ground connection. It is very safe and convenient for operator. The device is very easy to transport - all electrodes, cables for connection and the device DENAS-Complex can be transferred and stored in a roomy case provided by manufacturer. That is why DENAS complex can be used as not only as stationary device in the clinic but also for emergency and sport medicine.

Equipment. The DENAS-Complex is no built-in electrode, but bundle has all DENS-electrodes: DENS-applicators (DENAS pads), DENAS-Reflexo (big pad for foot), DENS-goggles (DENS-glasses), so called massage electrodes anf therapeutic acupuncture point probe.


Every little helps.


  • During the operation the device sets up the latest used modes in the top of the list.
  • During the session you can pause and then resume the stimulation by pressing button, you don't need to reinstall the settings.
  • Built-in context help gives you info about regimen, time and energy level.
  • You can set up warning signals of loss of contact and end of therapy session.
  • Settings menu allows to adjust screen brightness and sound volume.
  • After end of the session the device is automatically turns off in 5, 10 or 20 minutes, depending on the settings you made.

Rating: 5.0 / 1

5:27 PM, 08 June 2015

Then DENAS Complex. Absolutely the GOLD STANDARD for DENS Therapy. The on board interface computer with display screen helps navigate through the selected therapies. Providing you with proper area of application and what attachments are recommended for the selected therapy. The DENAS Complex includes all attachments and accessories and includes a professional carrying case to neatly store and protect your DENAS Complex. We are proud to offer this unique product on our DENAS Web Store Site.............

We are at your service and ready to assist you with your DENAS Products, Support & Training
Coach Jimmy K

9:22 PM, 09 December 2015

This device sounds very good. I have two customers that are very interested int he latest technology. Do you have English interpretation for this device? It looks as if it would be easy to use with the readout with the body and the attachments. Barb

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