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Denas therapy training for our English-speaking distributors

Denas therapy training for our English-speaking distributors

Dear distributors of DENAS MS Corp, users of DENAS devices.

We are happy to let you know about conducting 1-week master class for English speaking users of DENAS series devices. Training generally aimed for MDs, therapists, chiropractors, acupuncture specialists – for those who provide therapy (healing) sessions for patients. But it is also suitable for laypeople – advanced users of DENAS devices. Certificate from Medical Center of DENAS MS Corp is providing for listeners. Training takes 5 business days – 27 of June 2016 – 2 of July 2016. Place of meeting - Ekaterinburg (sometimes types as Yekaterinburg), Russia - headquarter of DENAS MS Corp

Please email Pavel Maslennikov at or call +79282048705 if you are interested in.

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10:53 AM, 13 August 2018

Hi Denas are there any training courses available at the moment .

Thank you is my email address

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