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Our DENAS/DiaDENS webinar training session is set for Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 7:00pm USA PT (California) time zone.

Our DENAS/DiaDENS webinar training session is set for Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 7:00pm USA PT (California) time zone.  (Refer to dates by other Time Zones below).

Our instructor Dr. Pavel Maslennikov has requested that any NEW questions be prepared and sent to him well before the next session.  This is so that he can prepare in advance and present an accurate answer for you.  Send your questions for Doctor Maslennikov to his email address at "" (with a CC copy to  The subject should contain the words. "QUESTIONS FOR THE NEXT TRAINING".

The DENAS/DiaDENS online training session start-time is now scheduled at the same moment worldwide, depending on your relative time-zone, as follows:

 (o) Yekaterinburg Russia - Monday 8:00 AM - May  2, 2011
 (o) Melbourne Australia - Monday 2:00 PM - May 2, 2011
 (o) London England - Monday 3:00 AM - May  2, 2011
 (o) New Delhi India - Monday 8:30 AM - May  2, 2011
 (o) California USA (PT) -  Sunday 7:00 PM - May  1, 2011
 (o) New York USA - (ET) - Sunday 10:00 PM - May  1, 2011

The DENAS/DiaDENS online training session, presented by Dr. Pavel Maslennikov from Yekaterinburg Russia, is available for all users with internet access using MS/Windows or MAC computers. Training will continue with DENAS & DiaDENS learning and will run for approximately 1-2 hours.  Dr. Pavel will answer pre-submitted, spoken and typed questions.  (He prefers typed questions). 

REMEMBER, YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME whether or not you attended or missed our earlier sessions.

You may wish to try your connection to our webinar system any time before class-time so that you will have a simple login experience when the training begins.  It's OK to go into the empty virtual "classroom" to see how it looks.

If you haven't already, I suggest that, at your convenience, you setup your classroom access well in advance of the class time.  You do this by clicking on the link below and by following the instructions given on the startup page.

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